Standard Specifications (VZ10K/VZ10K5)
Sensing Volume ~190 m3 of capture space, over 7 m distance nominal
Minimum Sensing Distance 0.5 m (VZ10K), 0.25 m (VZ10K5)
Position Resolution 0.015 mm at 1.2 m distance (smallest detectable position change)
Number of Markers 512 active LED markers with unique IDs
Accuracy Up to 0.10 mm (RMS, 1D, nominal), 0.25 mm (RMS, 3D-combined, nominal) for standard calibration range (VZ10K)
Data Latency < 0.3 ms (at fastest sampling rate)
Sampling Speed 10,000 3D data points per second
Calibration Range Standard range: 0.6~2.5m distance
Extended range: 0.6~4m+ distance
+/-40° yaw, +/-30° pitch
Custom range possible (please inquire)