Visualeyez System Structure


The Full System

A Visualeyez motion capture/tracking system consists of three major components: the Marker System, the Sensor System, and the system Software.

Marker System

The Marker System powers the markers and makes each marker uniquely distinguishable from another to eliminate any marker ID swapping problem


Sensor System

The Sensor System controls the marker system to turn on the markers in the user-desired sequence, captures the position of each marker, and transmits the marker data to the host computer. It may consist of a single tracker ('single-tracker system') or multiple trackers ('multi-tracker system' or MTS).

Single-Tracker System

This is the most basic Visualeyez motion capture system. It is useful for simple motion capture and measurement applications typical in many scientific projects as well as relatively simple entertainment applications such as facial expression capture.

Multi-Tracker System (MTS)

When motion capture from multiple views is required, such as simultaneous complex full-body motion capture, a multi-tracker system is normally required. The trackers in a MTS continue to operate independently, however the user normally expects the captured data to be expressed in terms of a user-defined view ('coordinate reference frame'). To accomplish this, the multiple trackers must first be physically 'calibrated relative to each other', and the multiple data streams they generate must be combined ('fused') together to become a single stream expressed in the user-desired view. These functions are carried out by the system Software.


The system Software allows the user to setup and control how the system operates, how to manage a multi-tracker system, how to deal with marker occlusion, process the captured data, generate the user-desired information and stream the final results to other application software in real-time or offline via numerous plugins. Currently, plugins are available for many software including:

Matlab, LabView, Visual3D, VRCO, VRPN, Quest 3D 3D Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Softimage, Famous 3D.

Plugins for other software may also be developed upon request. Please contact us for further details.