VZSoftTM Graphical User Interface

VZSoftTM is the graphical user interface for a VisualeyezTMmotion tracking system. It allows the user to setup the system hardware, then view and stream out the captured motion data to other applications. It operates on the Windows platform, but the captured data can be streamed out to other operating platforms (see HydraNetTM - VZClient) in real-time or offline. The following lists some of its numerous functions.

Selective Marker Display to Facilitate Placement

A standard marker can be selectively turned on for easy visual identification, naming and evaluation of the placement accuracy. This relieves the user from having to label the markers before a capture application.

Arbitrary Marker Sensing Sequence

Through VZSoftTM, the user can arbitrarily arrange the order in which standard markers will be sampled. This eliminates the need to place markers in an orderly manner prior to a capture, as well as permits sensing of the markers to capture order-related information.

Full Control Of VisualeyezTMHardware

All PTI VisualeyezTM motion capture system hardware are controlled through the VZSoftTM graphical user interface. This GUI is developed on very intuitive terminologies and hence highly friendly. Very few parameters need to be specified by the user to start a motion capture. Many functions have been made automatic so the user can simply use the system for their applications without having to understand the technology behind it.

Auto Project Function

This function will allow the system to automatically capture multiple takes with one single setup. The take names and project titles will increment as they are captured, and the time interval between takes is adjustable over a wide range. This is particularly useful for repetitive research applications.

Analog Signals and Motion Data in One File

The new VZSoftTM. output file format (*.vzp) allows analog data acquired by A/D board(s) through our VZDaqTM data acquisition software to be saved with the concurrently captured 3D motion data. The user can easily call up both data streams for synchronous analysis!

Available Software Plug-ins

Plug-ins are available for integrating a VisualeyezTM system with off-the-shelf application software for real-time animation and/or scientific applications. The current line-up of plug-ins include: LabVIEW (National Instruments) MATLAB (Mathworks) Visual3D (C-Motion) Maya (Autodesk) 3D Studio Max (Autodesk) MotionBuilder(Autodesk) Softimage (Avid) Famous 3D (Famous Tech)