VZDaqTM provides several functions that allow the user to synchronize 3rd party analog signals with real-time VZSoftTM motion capture data via a wide range of National Instruments A/D cards. The VZDaqTM toolbox can handle up to 80 analog channels simultaneously and provide real-time graphs for each analog source during capture. Multiple VZDaqTM stations can be networked together to provide more than 80 analog channels of synchronized data.

In combination with a host of VZSoftTM functions, the toolbox can be set up to automatically record and synchronize external analog signals for integration with the motion capture data file.

The combined file can be examined in VZAnalyzerTM or be exported to LabView, MatLab, etc. In addition, VZAnalyzerTM always facilitates direct real-time analysis of all analog signals during the capture process for biofeedback and various industrial applications. The user has full control over the sampling ratio of the analog signals to the motion capture frames - i.e., if 1000 analog samples correspond to 100 motion capture frames, the user can set a 10:1 ratio for proper sample alignment.

VZDaqTM can be operated on the same PC as VZSoftTM or collect data on a remote monitoring station -in synchronism- and then send its information via TCP/IP to the motion capture workstation.