Instant Automatic Calibration

VZAutoCalTM is for real-time motion capture with two or more of our VisualeyezTM trackers (i.e., a 'multi-tracker system' (MTS)). It performs the same functions as the VZServerTM does, except that no manual calibration labor is required from the user any more! It transmits commands from a host computer (normally via VZSoftTM ) to the trackers of the MTS. Then gathers the multiple data streams generated by the multiple trackers, and fuses them into a single stream and sends it out as the MTS output (normally back to the VZSoftTM GUI). In order for VZAutoCalTM to do the data fusion properly, the positions and orientations of the slave trackers relative to the master tracker must first be determined; VZAutoCalTM performs this process automatically in a real capture session rather than in a separate calibration procedure. VZAutoCalTM eliminates the need to perform a laborious time-consuming manual calibration process currently required by all other 3D motion capture systems before they can be used. It achieves this by making use of the initial motion capture data collected from the markers on the actor. Thus a capture session is started simply with the actor(s) walking into the capture area. There is no need to calibrate the system beforehand any more!

Continuous Adaptive Calibration

In addition, VZAutoCalTM offers another revolutionary function - Continuous Adaptive Calibration. It will monitor the motion capture data continuously, "on-the-fly", during a capture session and keep the system always in the best calibration possible, without any user involvement! This means even if one or more of the trackers are moved during a capture session due to whatever reason, man-made or by temperature variation, the system will return to high accuracy automatically! Thus the user can be rest-assured of always getting the highest quality 3D motion capture data for their applications. There is no need to be nervous about the system losing calibration in the middle of a capture session any more! With this latest advancement, the VisualeyezTM system is now a truly "turn-key" system.