VZAnalyzerTM works in conjunction with VZSoftTM to provide motion measurement feedback for real-time or offline motion control or data analysis applications. It imports the captured motion data generated by VZSoftTM into a graphical user environment in which the 3D motion measurements can be processed by numerous scientific functions to extract higher-level motion information. Applications of VZAnalyzerTM include Gait Analysis, Neuroscience, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Performance, Structural and Vibration Analysis, Robotic Control, as well as reverse engineering. Below introduces some of its functions. Please contact PTI for the complete set of functions.

Compare Multiple Takes

Multiple takes of captured 3D motions can be compared in VZAnalyzerTM. This can be used to analyze the differences between the golf swing of a coach and that of a student, or the before-treatment and after-treatment motions of a rehabilitation patient, for example.

Rigid Body Function

"Rigid body" is also referred to as an "optimal-pose extrapolation function". Through this function the VZAnalyzerTM can compute the positions of occluded markers by making use of the positions of visible markers which have been defined by you as belonging to the same rigid-body as the occluded one(s).

Tracing and Graphing Motions

For better visual understanding of the captured motion, you can graph or trace in 3D the motions of a marker, the center of an object or a rigid body, or a line between two markers.

Define Virtual Markers

Virtual markers (also called 'Objects') can be defined to be anywhere relative to groups of physical markers. These can be used to provide position measurements of points that physical markers cannot be directly attached to, such as the center of a limb or skull, or a point outside the capture area.

Import Solid Objects

Solid Objects ('Polygons') made up by points can be imported into the VZAnalyzerTM to create a scene for motion analysis. These objects can be manipulated and/or driven by physical markers. Thus they can be used, for example, to replicate the sports equipment in a sports motion analysis application.

Create Video Clips

Motion displays within the VZAnalyzerTM can be converted into a *.avi video clip and Saved with the take. Conversely, a video recording can be imported into a take for replaying in parallel with the motion capture data for comparison purposes.