The VisualeyezTM family of products include a full suit of software to facilitate user applications. These consist of:

  • a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • a multi-tracker system data fuser which comes with our revolutionary 'completely automatic and adaptive calibrator
  • a toolbox full of functions for captured data analysis and occlusion handling
  • a utility software for controlling 3rd-party analog data acquisition in synchronism with the motion capture
  • a tool for distributing the captured motion data to more than one computers for simultaneous parallel applications, which can also merge data captured by more than one VisualeyezTM systems for virtual interaction applications
  • a software development kit (SDK) and a host of plug-ins to allow user-written or 3rd-party software to access the motion capture data in real-time or during replay for any real-time or offline user applications.


Computer Requirements

A PTI Visualeyez motion capture system alone requires very little computer power to operate. For high speed real-time motion capture we recommend using a computer with good I/O communication bus design. Currently one standard PCI card slot is required to control up to 4 trackers. A VZ4000v system will accumulate up to 5MB of motion data per minute of capture at the highest sampling rate. Therefore, depending on how long will the longest capture session last, the computer should also have sufficient RAM for accumulating these data. Controlling one or two trackers through USB is possible but not recommended.