Human motion analysis is not an exact science, as it depends on the type of patient. This is the reason why using the highest-accuracy motion capture data is more than helpful when performing biomechanical calculations.

Biomechanics motion capture

The newest 10,000Hz Visualeyez III 3D motion capture system offers the highest accuracy for Biomechanics: up to 0.15mm 1D RMS.

Force Plates, EMGs can be easily integrated with a Visualeyez III motion capture system. For data analysis, visualization and reporting, Visual 3D software (from C-Motion) is the prime choice.



Visual 3D
  • The 3D motion capture system can detect a motion as small as 0.015mm
    --finer than a muscle twitch!
  • 10,000Hz sampling: more than twice faster than any other 3D motion capture system
  • No need to calibrate the system manually, ever!
  • No marker swapping or identification errors!
  • Up to 512 different marker IDs
  • Automatic marker identification and labeling!

Biomechanics Motion Capture Marker Layout - Front
Biomechanics Motion Capture Marker Layout - Back



At PTI, we believe a superior and futureproof equipment can save years of research time and efforts, and cut down the number of funding application requirements and associated hardship for the user. This is why our VZ10K motion capture systems are made cost-efficient and highly portable, so they can be utilized in innumerable different research topics for years to come.