About PTI

The Company

Capturing 3D motions with unparalleled ease AND precision are what still drive PhoeniX Technologies Inc. forward. PTI was founded in BC, Canada by Dr. Chris Ma in 1996 with the vision to create a superior motion-tracking system for the delivery of high quality real-time 3D motion data. The original purpose of the system was for unmanned autonomous control of work machines in hazardous environments. Armed with an innovative worldwide-patented enabling technology and several Canadian government research funding, PTI developed its first active optical motion tracker, VZ2000, in 1999.

The Product

PTI's 3D Motion Capture system was proven to be the widest angle, moving parts free, high accuracy, high resolution, real-time optical 3D motion tracker in the world. Since then research and development of the tracker performance and design evolved, resulting in the VZ4000v and compact VZ4050 models available today. All PTI products are designed, manufactured, calibrated, and tested in-house. Today's motion capture systems retain all the inherent features of the patented technology along with even faster sampling rate, higher immunity to ambient lights, and new exclusive functions such as real-time feedback, automatic and continuous calibration and 90-degree sensing angle. PTI's motion capture systems were the first to be used in the International Space Station for operation and research.

Many labs and universities are now using PTI trackers for various applications such as Biomechanics, Robotics, Rehabilitation, Virtual Reality, Ergonomics, etc. PTI trackers are extremely robust and are the only motion capture systems that can be mounted on non-rigid structures and still capture accurately. PTI technologies are driven by real world applications and product innovations which have yielded scalable solutions that focus on performance, precision and reliability. The benefits to our customers are state-of-the-art, robust high performance 3D motion tracking systems which can be used for a variety of research & multimedia applications. These allow users to focus on their core competencies while applying our 3D motion capture systems as powerful assistive tools or instruments.

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