Powerful, high accuracy 3D motion tracking

Each VisualeyezTM tracker is factory-calibrated with 3D accuracies traceable to international standards.

Huge capture space

A single VisualeyezTM tracker can capture over 190m3 space. It has the widest angle operation of all optical motion capture systems in the world.

Fastest real-time operation

Capture high speed motions with reliable data at up to 10,000 Hz. Data can be outputted within 0.5 milliseconds from the time the marker light reaches the tracker.

Fully automatic calibration

No manual user calibration effort is required anymore. Should any tracker get bumped or moved during a capture, the system recovers the calibration by itself!

LED Markers with ID tracking

Each marker is automatically assigned a distinct ID number. No marker swapping errors, ever, and no data sorting.

Zero Wrong Data Possibility

Tiny LEDs markers impossible to occlude partially. Hence there is practically zero probability of generating wrong data.

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